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Diversity and inclusion self-assessment tool helps businesses and other organisations to identify different aspects and practices of diversity and inclusion work, and see which areas are the most important and should be developed further in their own organisation.

This tool is designed to support all types of organisations: the public sector and the private sector, small, medium-sized and large businesses and other organisations. The tool is publicly available and free of charge.

The tool consists of a matrix and a user manual:

The tool can be used in many roles. People planning and developing organisational practices, such as heads of human resources, heads of corporate responsibility, persons responsible for equality and non-discrimination, and managing directors of small and medium-sized organisations are evident users. However, also line managers, local union representatives and different employee groups can also benefit from using the tool.

Click below to download the Diversity and inclusion Self-Assessment tool and the User manual:

How was Diversity and inclusion self-assessment tool developed

The tool was developed in the spring of 2021 as a part of an EU funded project All in for Equality. The project was coordinated by the Finnish Ministry of Justice and funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme of the EU. Corporate responsibility network FIBS was a project partner. Includia Leadership acted as FIBS’s partner in the project. Includia has been training and consulting Finnish organisations about diversity in work life and inclusive work culture since 2017, and has been FIBS’s diversity and inclusion partner since 2019.

The tool has been developed by Veera Iija, Corporate Responsibility Specialist, FIBS, as well as Jonna Louvrier, the founder and CEO of Includia Leadership.

The development of the tool started with a review of the existing tools created the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia. In these countries, organisations have been managing diversity and inclusion for a longer time. The strengths and weaknesses of the existing tools were assessed and mirrored against the Finnish context. The question constantly on our minds was: what would work in Finland? After evaluating the tools, we developed the first version of the matrix, and asked experts to comment on the matrix.

FIBS has been developing the field of diversity management in Finland for more than 10 years. FIBS represents the EU Platform of Diversity Charters in Finland. In 2012 FIBS launched Diversity Charter Finland, today, the Charter has been signed by a nearly hundred organisations operating in Finland.

If you want more information about the tool and FIBS, please contact us: